Want To Have The Best New Year’s Eve Ever With The Kids? Here’s How.

Want to have the best New Year’s Eve ever with the kids? Here’s how.

Date: 22 Dec 2015

It can often be difficult to find something to do with the kids on New Year’s Eve, especially if they’re young. But it’s a special time of year and it’s nice to spend it together as a family, so we’ve compiled a list of activities that you can do at home this New Year’s Eve.

P.S. We’ve thrown in some tips in case you go to a party too.


1.      Dress up

Make it feel like an occasion and not another night at home. Get your dressing up box out and put on your fanciest, silliest and most fun costumes. Then create a playlist of your favourite songs of the year or choose a selection of films to watch throughout the evening. Kids are bound to love the fancy dress element. Why not add a photo booth to the mix too? You can now get paper photo booth sets from supermarkets and craft stores.

2.      Make party hats and paper fireworks

Have your own New Year’s Eve party indoors and create all your own decorations. Get some large black paper, some paint, glue and glitter and get your children to design their very own fireworks, then stick them up around the house. For the hats get some sequins, glitter, coloured card and some glue and create the biggest, most extravagant hat that you can then wear for the rest of the evening.

3.      Camp-out (in the living room)

It’s free and it’s fun. Something as simple as a tent or a den in the living room can keep them entertained for hours and being cosy and warm is the perfect way to see in the New Year. Complete the camping experience with a hot chocolate (with marshmallows and cream), games and fireworks on the TV.

4.      Have a board games party

This is fun for all the family as everyone can get involved. Have a dedicated snack station with everyone’s favourite snacks, strawberries, grapes, crisps and sweets, complete with colourful paper plates and cups. Put some music on in the background and don your best party hats, then spend the evening playing board games as a family.

5.      Balloon Volleyball

This is great fun and suitable for all ages. Use a piece of tinsel to create a divide in the room (move anything fragile out of the way) and blow up a balloon. Split yourselves into two teams and take it in turns to hit the balloon to each other over the tinsel. When the balloon drops on the floor, the opposing team gets a point.

It’s also really nice for everyone to write down their favourite memory from this year and to say what they hope to do next year – get your children to write their answers down to practise their spellings and handwriting. You can collect everyone’s answers over the years in a little jar and look back on them.


And if you’re going to a party…

Parties are fun, but they can often be loud and tiring for little ones, here are some tips on how to make it stress-free for everyone.

-          Bring a blanket, cushion and some pyjamas for your children so they can sleep comfortably if they get too tired throughout the evening.

-          If you’re going to a party at a friend’s or family member’s house then ask if there’s anywhere that you can put the little ones down to sleep away from the noise.

-          Bring something to keep them entertained, an iPad and some headphones or a book to read – they will eventually get tired of running around and might need to have some down time.

-          If you’re not driving then order your taxis beforehand, taxi services are busy on New Year’s Eve and there could be a queue.

What will you be doing on New Year’s Eve? Share your ideas with others on our social pages.