Get Crafty This Christmas With Home-made Cards And Christmas Stockings

Get crafty this Christmas with home-made cards and Christmas stockings

Date: 06 Dec 2015

Christmas is the ideal time to get creative! And what better way to get your children involved in fun arts and crafts than to make Christmas cards and stockings with them – it’s the perfect winter activity.

Family members will love receiving cards that have been hand made by the kids, and the kids will love seeing their cards and stockings on display!

You’ll need:

-          Coloured card

-          Fabric

-          Glue

-          Cotton wool

-          Needle and thread (if you’re sewing the stocking yourself)

-          Sequins

-          Paint

-          A plastic table cloth x2

Minimising the mess

Arts and crafts are fun, but they’re also messy! To minimise the mess place a table cloth or a plastic sheet on the floor as well as on the table - this way any glitter or paint that falls off will collect on the table cloth instead of the floor. You may also want to get some aprons for the children; they can be used again the next time you do arts and crafts – so you don’t need to worry about stained clothes.

Place the glitter, sequins, paint, glue (if you’re not using roll-on glue) and cotton wool into separate bowls (you might want to buy some cheap clear plastic bowls to use for arts and crafts). This will stop your children from using everything at once, but will also give them a clear idea of what items they’ve got available to use.  

Allow your children to choose the colour of card that they want, whether they want it to be portrait or landscape and who they want the card or stocking to be for – this will enable them to make it more personal and will encourage them to consider others.


Depending on the age of your children you may want to cut and sew the stockings yourself; alternatively you can buy ready-made stockings from shops like Hobbycraft for as little as £2. Remember to keep an eye on your little artists if they’re using scissors – and if they’re really young, ensure they aren’t eating the glitter!

Feeling festive

For inspiration, why not put a Christmas film on in the background or listen to some Christmas music while creating your crafts with the children.

Top tips for arts and crafts with the kids:

-          Set up beforehand; decide what supplies you need and where you’re going to do the arts and crafts so that you’re prepared.

-          Avoid carpets and fabric; glitter and paint is easier to clean up on tiles or wood flooring.

-          Get a bin ready and put it where everyone can reach.

-          Have some spare crafts ready – spare stockings and cards as it’s likely that your children will want to start again or make more.

-          Set some ground rules before you start such as ‘Don’t use scissors without mummy or daddy’ - this will prevent any accidents.


What arts and crafts are you planning to make with your children this Christmas? Let us know on our social media pages!