Tasty Ways To Celebrate World Vegetarian Day!

Tasty Ways to Celebrate World Vegetarian Day!

Date: 01 Oct 2015

The 1st of October is of course the start of a new month, but also the start of Vegetarian Awareness Month with World Vegetarian Day kicking things off. The day which was established in 1977 in America, aims to bring awareness to environmental, ethical, health and humanitarian benefits of the vegetarian lifestyle. A diet rich in vegetables is said to be great for reducing the risk of cancer, diabetes, heart diseases, stroke and in general vital for the health and maintenance of your body.

Vegetarian or not, why not have a look at these two delicious meat-free recipes below and see how well they go down at the dinner table? Below are recipes for a vegetable moussaka and a spicy vegetable burrito. You can even get the children of the household involved in the cooking process! 

Vegetable moussaka

Vegetable burrito