Foundation Awareness Week – Day 5

Foundation Awareness Week – Day 5

Date: 16 Oct 2015

On the final day of our Foundation Awareness Week, we are delighted to share with you the second of our “soft touch” projects with the Met police. This has seen us transforming yet another space for a relatively low budget and instantly seeing the difference in how the space is used. Congratulations to Heather Smith for leading this project with such enthusiasm and commitment.

Almost weekly, we are hearing from the Met how these spaces are making a massive difference to the children and families they work with. We are making such a positive impact on children when they are at their most vulnerable. Thank you to all involved.

"The work of Bright Horizon has truly impacted on the lives of abused children when being interviewed by the Met. The Bright Spaces provided assist our officers in keeping the children of London safe. We are proud to work with them on our journey to providing total victim care and making London safer for children." Detective Sergeant Luke Williams, Metropolitan Police Service.

Northwood waiting room after