Topic: CSR
The Foundation also supports children who are suspected victims of abuse. We have been working closely with the Met Police for the last two years, and have opened a Bright Space in Edgware. The Bright Space has supported the Met's work in a very complex sexual abuse case.

 SD Debbie More spoke about the case: “Three children within a family had been grossly mistreated. To add to this, all children had varying levels of learning disabilities, meaning a very sensitive and cautious approach was required in order to complete the investigations without causing any more distress to the children. 

 The interview process is a very daunting process for any child, but in these circumstances we were able to arrange a number of familiarisation sessions with the children and officers working on the case, all of which were held in the Gilbert Suite. The children all responded well to the child friendly facilities in the Suite, and because they were familiar with the surroundings, all three children felt comfortable when it came to their official interviews and all provided evidence to support the ongoing investigation. After having such poor facilities for so long it was great to bring the children to such welcoming and bright surroundings, and to be able to utilise the space to its full potential.”