In February 2015, Bright Horizons Foundation for Children opened a Bright Space in Holloway Prison, North London. Statistics show that more than 17,000 children were separated from their mothers by imprisonment in 2010 alone, so we transformed the visiting area at the prison to make the surroundings more comfortable and suitable for children at a difficult time for them.

Operations Manager at Holloway Prison, Dee Burn commented, “The success of the Bright Space in HMP Holloway has been immense. Since the opening of the Bright Space, we have seen a marked increase in children visiting the establishment, as the women feel more comfortable with their children coming into a warmer and more inviting environment. Due to the popularity of the Bright Space, we increased the capacity of our monthly Children's Visits and are now receiving almost 100 children at each visit. We regularly receive positive feedback from visitors, staff and the women in our care, including the children visiting us. We also have a Comments Book for people to complete and there are some very heart-warming stories to read.”

Across the UK, The Foundation for Children has opened 39 Bright Spaces which have supported over 7,500 children to date.