A Day In The Life Of A Working Dad

A Day in the Life of a Working Dad

Date: 22 Oct 2015

The Morning

I’m fortunate enough to be able to share the morning duties with my partner, who works shifts, which means during the week I am sometimes left to responsibly get myself and my 3 year old daughter fed, dressed and to preschool – without chaos!

The alarm goes off and now my day has “officially” started. Did I mention there is also a young child (Lilly) in the mix? I jump out of bed, shower (while Lilly continues in her deep sleep) and then it’s a mad dash to get myself and Lilly fed, dressed and out the door. Yes that includes mastering the “hair do” which changes on a daily basis.

Just getting Lilly into the car is an adventure as she decides which seat she will be sitting in and where to place the teddies, school bag and the other assorted items that come along for the ride. Each morning can be a bit of a wrestling match.

08:30 (Yes, I love my morning commute!)
I won’t go through the details of parking at the preschool, as I have a bigger task in hand – getting Lilly into the preschool, (coat, school bag, scooter - for the 2 min walk to the preschool door and a drink & snack for after preschool). Even though I seem to forget one of those every day, I have yet to forget the school bag (which contains most of the items) – but we all know that day is coming.

Now at the office, thankfully my employer embraces flexible working, I can grab a drink and start the day. It’s 9:10 a.m. and I’ve got to run to my first meeting!


The Evening

My paid working day is now over and it's time to collect Lilly from Grandma’s. Typically my partner does the preschool pick-up however her shifts sometimes clash so we're grateful that Grandma can do the pick-up.

And we’re off home and I'm trying to find out from Lilly what she has learnt that day; the standard answer is “nothing”. However I have many years’ experience; I used to play this game with my parents. So I manage to get something out of her.

We’re home and its bath, story and bed time.

It’s time for me to decide on what’s for tea and relax!