National Work Life Week 2015

Date: 17 Sep 2015

Monday 21 – Friday 25 September 2015

With the majority of employees in Britain agreeing that family remains their highest priority, finding a balance between our work and personal lives has never been more important.

Whether we’re caring for our children, supporting an adult or elderly dependant, or simply finding a little ‘me time’, it’s important to take care of ourselves too. 

National Work Life Week, established by Working Families, aims to promote the importance of wellbeing and work life balance for employees, and the business benefits for organisations in getting it right. The week focuses on raising awareness and providing lots of helpful advice, top tips and ideas for looking after ourselves and enhancing our wellbeing.

Promoting a great work life balance is boundless in rewards and helps us to become more engaged, motivated and productive across every aspect of our lives!

Dates for the Diary


Monday 21 September – National Work Life Week begins!

Wednesday 23 September – Go Home on Time Day

Friday 25 September – Flexible Friday


Go Home on Time Day

Spending time with our friends and family, or even a little ‘me time’, is a great way to relax, recharge and enjoy ourselves outside of work.

Go Home on Time Day, taking place on Wednesday 23 September, marks a date in our calendars to go home on time, do something we enjoy and assess our work life balance.

Flexible Friday

National Work Life Week 2015 also celebrates over twelve months since the Right to Request Flexible Working was implemented.  The Right to Request provides every employee with opportunity to request flexible working – providing additional flexibility where possible with working patterns.

Flexible Friday, initiated by Working Families, promotes an opportunity to consider the statement ‘Happy to Talk Flexible Working’ and encourages employers to examine the working patterns of employees who might wish to work from home in certain situations, to enable them to be more productive and engaged.

Join in the conversation on social media too #FlexibleFriday!

Promoting Work-Life Balance 


Building our wellbeing is as simple as riding a bike! The business case for fit and healthy employees is proven, with reduced absenteeism, increased resilience and greater levels of confidence.

Take time for yourself and engage in a little exercise where possible – from utilising the gym membership and exercise facilities to walking and cycling during your break.

Healthy Eating

As the old adage says, we are what we eat, and our food intake has an impact on our energy levels and ability to concentrate. Research shows that certain food, although high in immediate sugar and fat levels, can have a negative impact on our brain function, limiting our ability to recall facts, figures and information, and causing us to feel tired.

Try swapping your mid-morning snack for a piece of fruit!

Family, Friends and the local Community

We all have a life outside of work – whether it’s family, friends or our local community – and this enables us to bring vital skills and experiences into our workplace. Integrating our personal and working lives is really important and helps us to bring our whole selves to work, to feel confident about discussing our work and family life, and to demonstrate pride in all that we do. 


We’re delighted to be able to share a selection of webinars with information, top tips and ideas on work life balance, including:

                Creating a family that works as a team 

                How to succeed as a working the parent 

                Building a resilient you 



Working Families has launched several exciting new videos, exploring practical tips and insight from leading experts. The videos include:

                Balancing work with caring for a loved one

A short video on developing the practical and emotional support you need to care, finding a little ‘me time’ and building the energy and focus to be at your best at work.

                Building resilience

A short video on getting the right balance between work and our personal lives, finding the focus and energy when things get tough and keeping our relationships alive.

                Balancing work with being a parent

Finding quality time with your family, developing your focus to be at your best at work and factoring in a little ‘me time’.

Additional Resources – Have you got your copy?

Modern Families Index 2015

Helping working families and employers to find the right kind of support and to achieve a better balance between our responsibilities at home and at work has never been more important. The Modern Families Index captures an annual snapshot of how working families combine work and family life, studying over 1000 working families across the UK. 

Employers Guide to Childcare

Finding high-quality childcare which is affordable and accessible is the no.1 problem for working families with preschool children.  To help find the best solution we’ve joined forces with Working Families to create The Employers Guide to Childcare.