Date: 27 May 2015

Expecting your first child is an exciting and magical time, with lots of celebrations. For many, it can also be a time to share any experiences and questions you may have too. We’ve been collecting a few tips, advice and thoughts from our parent colleagues to share with you before you embark on your exciting new chapter. We hope you find these useful!

Cherish every single day, no matter how stressful or tiring it feels, as they go by in a flash.
Enjoy the last few days of your pregnancy. Go out for dinner, enjoy a film, head for the shops and lunch with the girls, or spoil yourself at the spa.
Ask questions and remember: no question is too silly!
Head outside for some fresh air, it’s great and worth putting on the extra jumper for!
Don’t worry about buying absolutely everything beforehand, as naturally there will be something you have forgotten. Many shops are open 24/7 or are easily accessible the next day or by home delivery.
Trust your instincts and believe in yourself to know what’s best for your baby and your family. From nappies to muslin cloth, cots, moses baskets and cribs, your baby will thrive and grow surrounded by your love, so try not to focus too much on all the debates.
Always carry extra nappies and wipes in a zip-lock bag in your handbag.
Allow your child to get used to normal noises around the house when they are sleeping, and try to avoid tiptoeing – it’ll pay dividends in the long-term when you have a deep sleeper.
Don’t turn down help, especially in the beginning! Friends and family will offer lots of help, from making you laugh and smile to looking after your little one while you shower, run an errand or complete a couple of chores.
Avoid creating habits with your baby that you may not want to carry on when they’re older. It might be easier now, but you will face challenges in a couple of years.
Try to avoid making special meals for your child. Feed your baby and toddler on the foods you are eating to create good habits.
Sleep when your baby sleeps, even if you aren’t tired. You never know how they will sleep at night so it’s better to lay down when you can.

Congratulations! Your pregnancy and child’s early years will be a magical time for you and your family.