Cycle Challenge: Day Two

Date: 07 May 2015

Day Two - Blood, Sweat and No Gears

The team woke up to blue sky and the sun shining in Dundee, a very welcome change after being soaked for most of Wednesday's ride. We decided to leave early to make sure we would arrive at the RBS nursery in Edinburgh on time and all was going well until Lee decided to do a little DIY on his bike. It turns out that this was a bad idea and before you know it we were all searching for the nearest bike repair shop. Luckily Jane Logie from Early Years who lives near Dundee arrived for a meeting with Heidi (our wonderful driver, personal shopper and general amazing one woman support team) and saved the day. Cheryl, James and myself started the ride crossing the wonderful River Tay bridge and within no time Lee and Nick were dashing to catch us up.

We met up 23 miles later at the fabulously named "Cycle Tavern" in Auchtermuchty where after getting absolutely frozen (blue sky and sun in Scotland do not always mean it's warm), white coffee had to suffice instead of the fantastic array of bitters on offer. Our mascot Bicycle Bear (we need to work on a better name I know) beat us to the pub with Heidi and Jane and had a riot by all accounts - photos will be shared sometime soon.

We had our first accident today - a classically undignified fall off of a stationary bike whilst Lee's shoe clips were still attached to the pedals. I have to admit to finding the whole incident quite funny at the time, but not for long as the cut was really quite nasty. In true Lee style, he picked up his bike and just got on with the ride with a wide grin on his face.

We hit a few proper hills today, a good warm up for Friday's ride where we will be climbing 5,000 feet including a nine mile non stop climb. Whilst we only cycled 60 miles today, it was a really tough afternoon as the wind was a constant menace and navigating around the cycle lanes of Edinburgh were a challenge for us all once my sat nav decided to give up!

The day ended at the beautiful RBS nursery in Edinburgh where the children excitedly waved at us when we arrived. The children had all brought their bikes and trikes into the nursery and proudly showed them off to us all. Nick decided to join in a race using a trike designed for a 3 year old - it's all on video and is absolutely TV gold. Hopefully we can share it with you soon.
So that's two days down, a good start, but the challenge is about to get somewhat harder......

Jeremy Clark, Director of Business Development.