Cycle Challenge: Day Three

Date: 08 May 2015

Day Three - Too many hills

It was a warm start to the day, and whilst the sun was shining the warmth came from the croissant that Lee decided to flame grill in the hotel toaster...... Anyone would think he had never stayed in a hotel before despite this already being our fourth night away. Before this ride, I didn't know the cyclists too well but I'm beginning to learn that Lee isn't always at his best in the mornings.

We had the most amazing visit at Morton Mains Farm Nursery, where the team have already raised and banked an incredible £806 for the cycle challenge bike ride. As we tour the country, we are humbled by the incredible stories of how money is being raised. Today we heard the story of how one parent from Morton Mains has raised over £100 by taking his one year old daughter to work for a sponsored toddle. This is amazing so thank you to you and to all the other families who are helping us to raise money for the Foundation.

The buzz the cyclists got from visiting the nursery was very much called on as they embarked on a 7 mile hill climb before they arrived in the Scottish Borders. Thankfully at this point, Nick took a photo that saved us from another of Jeremy's selfies and his selfie face.

As they cycled through Innerleithen the scenery was spectacular and the route was relatively flat, but sheep dodging became a skill they cyclists had to quickly develop. One sheep challenged Lee to a race and naturally, the sheep won.
Today the team received lots of video messages of support and this really helped morale especially as they climbed a big hill at 65 miles in. If the hill wasn't enough, the sun swapped places for rain and wind with 15 miles still to go. It was tough, but the team dug deep and carried on. Nick and Lee took the opportunity to cheat again by going off piste but what they didn't realise at the time was that they had actually added another 15miles to their journey. The day ended with 10miles of downhill which was a welcome relief after a day of mostly hill climbs.

On arrival at the hotel, Cheryl was presented with the key to the honeymoon suite with en suite spa bath, that's a smile I won't forget for a long time. Tiredness is now kicking in, but tonight's dinner was brought alive by Nick's one liners and James' belly laughing. I feel absolutely privileged to be spending time with these 5 awesome cyclists as they complete the cycle challenge.

Heidi, Head of Early Years Quality Improvement and Support Car Driver.