Cycle Challenge: Day Seven

Date: 15 May 2015

Day Seven - Singing in the Rain

After a beautiful ending to a sunny day 6, we woke to a rather muggy and somewhat unpredictable looking weather on day 7. It wasn't raining however, so mood in the camp was chirpy as we prepared for the day ahead.

Breakfast was a hearty full English for most,which was extremely well received! Food eaten and bags packed in the car, we managed our earliest start of the trip and hit the open road again for a respectable 8.45am – still no rain in sight.

Breakfast must have done the trick as the team covered good ground with the first 15 miles completed in record time at an average of 20mph ( Bradley Wiggins who...?), taking us through some charming Leicestershire villages. We possibly got a little over excited and managed to take a wrong turning, adding another 5 miles onto the days route, although thankfully a flat journey.
Lunch for day 7 was at a little cafe in Melton Mowbray, serving what seemed the best ‘double egg and chips’ and ‘jacket potatoes and cheese’, which provided a much needed energy refuel and a chance to get out of the cold and discuss the remaining route for the afternoon. With the weather still trying to make its mind up we decided to be prepared and out came the waterproofs – on towards a little village called Tugby.

The afternoon’s entertainment came in the form of what could only be described as a very bad Robbie Williams sing along by Lee, James and Caley; renditions of 'Angels' could be heard echoing across the country lanes of Leicestershire, only to realise it had all been captured on video to no doubt haunt us at a later point. The afternoon continued to produce various displays of singing talent from the team, or lack of (Lee), but certainly provided a funny distraction for what was turning out to be a long day in the saddle. Mid-afternoon, our Garmins again decided to start sending us all in odd directions and we had to revert to our iPhone for directions. James' keen navigational skills saved the day and ensured we kept on track for the remainder of the day.

Having managed to avoid the unpredictable weather for the majority of the day, the rain started and continued to downpour for the next few hours. No amount of waterproofs would have been able to fend off the volume of rain, with all the cyclists feeling very wet and thinking about the finish line.

Finally the end was in sight and yet another record day, as we rolled into Kettering Park Hotel having completed a whopping 84 miles – the longest ride on the trip so far! Needless to say our welcoming party of Heidi, Penny and Pete were well received, as was the sight of a swimming pool, sauna and the thought of eating some well-earned food.