Cycle Challenge: Day Nine

Date: 19 May 2015

Day Nine - The Penultimate Day

After two well-earned rest days the cyclists re-grouped at Hemel to embark on their final pursuit of Brighton. We were joined by some new entrants to the team; Gary O’Neil became our second international arrival to the core cycling team. The support driving duties were also now headed up by Adrian and Abigail, who brought an impressive and professional approach to their roles.

Our penultimate day started in torrential rain, our worst weather to date! Thankfully it was a short 9 miles to our first nursery visit at RAF Northolt. After some time decorating cakes with the children (Jeremy took this very seriously!!), and an opportunity to warm up we were back on the road.

Our next visit took us to Grena Road, where we received a wonderful reception from the Preschool children who had each made musical instruments. There were two special treats on this particular visit; the first being a delightful short play that the preschool children had rehearsed and the second being a song and dance routine from Lee and Jeremy – an entertaining sight for all spectators!
We visited two more nurseries in the west of London. Firstly to Teddies Twickenham who had laid on an impressive fruit platter, which we were delighted to indulge. After a quick refreshment and talk with the children, we set off for a quick trip to our new Twickenham site. After a photo and some heckling from the builders, we took a couple of photos and continued on our way.

Our final visit of the day was to Teddies in Epsom. After the hustle and bustle of the busy streets of London it was nice to finish day through the pleasant Surrey countryside. Arriving to another super welcome we were treated to our very own bike wash, which some of us certainly needed!!

All that was left to do was make a short trip to the hotel for our final stay, although not without a short delay as Caley had ANOTHER flat tyre! A final meal as a group was consumed with the realisation that this epic journey would be finished in less than 24 hours…