Recycling Greeting Cards

Date: 07 Jan 2015

Recycling Greeting Cards

For my family and I the festive period has brought lots of family celebrations and good tidings – especially in the form of Christmas cards. Although we’re now firmly in the 21st century and surrounded by an abundance of technology, Christmas cards still make an appearance during the festive period and are a fantastic way for my family and I to reach our loved ones who we may not be seeing. From choosing the card to writing a lovely handwritten note, I find cards very special and personal.

My big debate each year is what to do with the cards after Christmas however – do we keep them and file them away as a keepsake or do we simply place them in the card recycling containers?
After a lot of thought and research, this year I decided I was going to recycle them but not in the conventional manner – I decided to get creative!
With a good pair of scissors and glue, and perhaps a few wooden clothes pegs, sparkly pipe cleaners and picture frames, festive cards can be simply transformed.

I’ve included a few of my favourite ideas and activities below, which I hope you will enjoy too:

DIY Gift Tags

Christmas is often a time for sending and receiving presents and I know from experience that gift tags can be like gold dust around the house. Cards however can be a very simple solution and often become the star of the show – with elaborate designs and lots of sparkle.
Simply cut your old cards around the design and hole punch the corner of the shape. Then, add a short piece of thread or string through the hole and stick to your gift.

Mini Card Puzzles

Card puzzles are great and definitely a family favourite! Using a pair of scissors, cut the card into large shapes. You may wish to start with an easy design to help your children understand the game. For older children, a more complex design and added pieces will definitely keep them entertained!

Picture Perfect

With lots of wintery scenes and silhouettes, Christmas card designs can easily become beautiful framed photos. Simply trim the design and add it to a piece of backing paper before inserting the image into your favourite frame.
Cards can also be magically transformed into very special baubles and ornaments. Simply cut out individual cards, such as snowflakes, angels, and trees, and glue the background to the canning lid. Cover the canning lid over with acetate sheet and trim to fit. Add a small silver ribbon to the can to tie on to your tree or ornament.

Pretty Pegs

Decorating pegs is a great way to reuse cards - especially for personal noticeboards inside and getting organised during January!


The stiff, colourful paper makes cards an ideal addition for your parties and guests – with lots of exciting, winter designs.

Placemats and Coasters

Pretty cards can be easily treasured while eating or enjoying a drink, especially if they include some wonderful winter and spring designs.

Drink Charms

Christmas cards are also ideal for transforming into cup or glass charms for holiday entertaining – helping your guests keep track of their drinks! Simply cut out a small part of the card’s design and add a small hole in the corner of the cutting. Thread a small piece of cotton through the hold and tie around the base or stem of your glasses.