You are all invited to bring your friend and their child to Looking Glass day Nursery and Preschool for our fun Active mornings every Monday throughout November between 9. 30 am until 11 am, taught by our Sport coach, with a choice of different activities for the 2-3 years and the 3-5 years.

Activities for the 2-3’s years;

-The Car Game/ The castle game/balancing Obstacle course/races.

Activities 3-5 years;

-The Castle game.

-Through the hoops.

-Pushing Tyre race.

Under 2’s activities will be held in our Arts designated area;

-Arts and crafts, painting, making objects and drawing.

After the hour, you will be able to have a chat over coffee and biscuits, and for any friend registering as a thank you, will receive a free day of childcare.

Please email or call: 0208767 2901.

We look forward to seeing you.

Thank you for registering for this event.