Asquith Bishopbriggs childcare centre are excited to showcase our newly refurbished nursery.

Refurbishments include complete redecoration throughout, new furniture in all rooms including cosey dens, climbing frames, outdoor classrooms.

The day will let us showcase our exciting newly refurbished nursery to parents, friends and guests.

Each room will be themed accordingly to child age groups:

Babies room will be concentrating on singing & story time.
This will include a session where staff can show parents the benefits of using the song box to promote children’s choices and language.

The Toddler room are going to concentrate on Messy and Sensory Play - an area which the children enjoy taking part in. There will be a range of activities on offer such as painting with different materials, a sensory tray and sand. They will also focus on song and rhyme time, as the children enjoy using various musical instruments and singing.

The Two’s room are going to focus on the creative cooks and encourage the children to make their own pizzas. They are also going to look at setting up a play dough station where the children can create their own play dough, using different scents and collage materials. They can then take this home with recipe cards for parents to make at home!


The 3-5s are going to focus on Literacy and Outdoors.

Literacy – Children will have the opportunity to explore a range of stories and then create their own stories.

Outdoors – They are developing their outdoor class room which will be ready by the open day. This will explore all the growing programmes and give parents an opportunity to experience each of these.  The outdoor classroom offers children the opportunity to take part in science experiments, take part in literacy, numeracy and art.

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