Farnham Nursery Children Embrace Baking Activities

Farnham nursery children embrace baking activities

Date: 19 Mar 2020

Children at Bright Horizons Farnham Day Nursery and Preschool have been busy baking a variety of goods in the kitchen recently, as part of the organisation’s Creative Cooks programme.

Creative Cooks activities provide a range of ways to extend children’s learning and links to other areas of learning and development through the measuring of ingredients, risk taking when using cutting equipment, introduction to the use of senses and they also promote conversation alongside peers.

Nursery Manager, Michelle Tamburrini, commented, “The children saw the process through from start to finish with weighing, mixing, rolling and even doing the washing up. This teaches the children a lot of physical skills along the way by refining gross as well as fine motor skills as well as health and self-care.”

Farnham nursery children embrace baking activities