Englefield Green children embrace sensory walk

Date: 04 Mar 2020

https://www.brighthorizons.co.uk/our-nurseries/walton-on-thames-day-nursery-and-preschoolChildren at Bright Horizons Englefield Green Nursery and Preschool in Egham, Surrey recently took part in a sensory walk.

The children filled six large trays with different resources, including powder paint, Weetabix, cornflour, leaves and tissue paper. They then walked through each tray to experience the senses in their feet and describe different textures.

“The children’s favourite trays were the cornflour and the white powder paint. The children laughed when they couldn’t see their feet and then began to wiggle their toes to the surface,” said Deputy Nursery Manager, Maria Dymock. “From this the children’s key workers have seen how their children reacted and have planned future sensory activities to carry on conversations with their children about how different objects feel with their feet and hands.”