Farnham Nursery Receives Outstanding Rating From Ofsted

Farnham nursery receives Outstanding rating from Ofsted

Date: 25 Nov 2019

Bright Horizons Farnham Day Nursery and Preschool has been rated ‘Outstanding’ after its most recent Ofsted inspection.

The nursery received its inspection on November 5th and was rated as ‘Outstanding’ in all four areas of inspection: Effectiveness of the leadership and management; Quality of teaching, learning; Personal development, behaviour and welfare; Assessment and outcomes for children.

Inspection activities included the inspector viewing a sample of children’s records, documents and policies. This included evidence about staff’s suitability, first-aid training and qualifications. Comments from the report included:

  • The highly impressive management team uses funding and resources to provide an abundant array of experiences to help prepare all children, including the most disadvantaged, for their future successes. For example, the management team brings the nursery community together and provides memorable experiences, such as Halloween parties, weekly yoga classes and visits to the local care home. This brings families together and helps staff to promote skills including risk taking and respecting and appreciating others.


  • Staff benefit from excellent support to build on their already exemplary practice. They feel wonderfully supported by managers, who give them regular praise and suggestions for improvement. Managers ensure that staff receive meaningful training opportunities that they use to further improve their practice. Managers strongly value their staff team. They successfully ensure that staff have manageable workloads to enable them to feel continually happy and motivated in their roles.


  • Children thrive in the setting. They become independent and confident. For example, in the baby room, they explore their sense of touch and are very content to sit with an adult while being stroked by tissue feather papers. Older children help each other eagerly. They work together as a team to follow the rules and to make sure everyone is equally involved. They learn to care for each other and develop excellent social skills. For example, children work collaboratively to create enormous junk model rockets, following on from bonfire night. Children model carrying scissors safely and talk confidently about their ideas.  
Nursery Manager, Michelle Tamburrini, commented, “The team have been on a massive journey and are at the centre of the vision we have at Farnham Day nursery. We are continually looking for great opportunities to develop the nursery and I invest in the team’s professional development which continues to feed our mission to be outstanding everyday.”