New Bright Spaces Open At Care Afloat Children’s Homes

New Bright Spaces open at Care Afloat children’s homes

Date: 10 Jan 2019

The Bright Horizons Foundation for Children officially opened two new Bright Spaces with Care Afloat children’s homes in Skelmersdale, Lancashire in December.

One of the Bright Spaces is located in a sanctuary in the garden of one of the children’s homes; it provides a place for residents to relax, talk, meet with their families, participate in therapy sessions, and receive private tutoring, if they are not able to attend school. The second Bright Space is located at Care Afloat’s office, where we have transformed the counselling room and waiting area to provide a welcoming and engaging environment in which counselling sessions and family visits will take place.  

The Bright Spaces were supported by Bright Horizons’ Wilmslow office and Bolton Nursery, and a grant from the WO Street Foundation. The project was initiated by Gareth Neill who previously worked for Bright Horizons, and was supported by Care Afloat as a child.

Tracy Wilkes-Green, from the Bright Horizons Foundation said, “We are delighted to open these Bright Spaces in partnership with Care Afloat, our first for looked-after children. We hope the Bright Spaces will make a difference and help the children to move ahead positively with their lives.”

Sam McCrystal from Care Afloat said, “We are so grateful to Bright Horizons for the wonderful transformation they have made to two of our sites. This will make such a difference to the children, young people and their families. The Bright Horizons team have been magnificent from start to finish and the whole experience was made extra-special because it was initiated by Gareth.”

New Bright Spaces open at Care Afloat children’s homes