Edinburgh Nursery Children Enhance Road Safety Knowledge

Edinburgh nursery children enhance road safety knowledge

Date: 23 Nov 2018

Children at Bright Horizons Elsie Inglis Early Learning and Childcare in Edinburgh have been enhancing their knowledge of road safety in recent times.

The children took part in a role play after creating a road network with chalk on the floor, which saw a number of roles cast including drivers, police officers, traffic wardens and pedestrians. They were also visited by two lollipop ladies from the community who gave them a talk about how to keep pedestrians safe on the road. The children were given a chance to use and explore the lollipop sticks.

“The children made props to incorporate these into their play such as steering wheels and a speed camera,” said Deputy Nursery Manager Kate Hubbert. “Two children brought in props that they made at home to use which were a lollipop stop sign and a traffic light.  To extend their play they wore driving licenses and police badges made at nursery. They explored the rules a person has to follow when driving on the road by looking at road signs.”

Edinburgh nursery children enhance road safety knowledge