Bright Horizons Nursery Chefs Take Part In Grand Cook-off Competition

Bright Horizons nursery chefs take part in Grand Cook-Off competition

Date: 14 Sep 2018

Nursery chefs from across Bright Horizons came together for the inaugural Bright Horizons Grand Cook-Off competition, as part of the organisation’s Creative Cooks Week.

The event was held at Brakes Innovation Centre in Reading, where two winners were crowned on the day from a total of nine chefs, all of which had qualified to take part by winning Cooking with Heart Award’s at the nursery groups 2018 Awards of Excellence.

The winners were chef Aaron Gray from Bright Horizons Witan Gate Day Nursery and Preschool in Milton Keynes and chef Jade McLoughlin from Coulsdon Day Nursery and Preschool. Gray made a vegetable ragu with macaroni cheese cupcakes followed by banana pancakes with frozen yoghurt for dessert.  McLoughlin cooked up an upside down cottage pie followed by fruit yoghurt.

Asked on what was the best aspect of their job, chef Gray said it was about, “Being able to provide children with deliciously healthy meals, and educating them on food and sharing ideas with parents.” Chef McLoughlin said, “There’s nothing better than seeing the children enjoy the food that I make, even better knowing that it’s nutritiously balanced and that it will give them the energy to enjoy the rest of their day at nursery.”