Oxford Nursery Children Embrace Dinosaur Excavation Activity

Oxford nursery children embrace dinosaur excavation activity

Date: 22 Mar 2018

Children at Bright Horizons Jack Straws Lane Nursery and Preschool at the University of Oxford took part in a dinosaur excavation activity in the nursery’s woodland area recently, following on from the children’s interest in dinosaurs and digging.

The dinosaurs were buried and, using the tools provided, the children began digging for them. They used water trays to clean them and then wrote down the names of the dinosaurs as they found them.

“All of the children absolutely loved this activity, and were particularly keen to draw and write about their dinosaur,” said Nursery Manager Sue Aldridge. “Candy Floss, our health and safety mascot, was also on hand to make sure we were staying safe and using our tools safely.”