Rushden Office Raises Money for Charity

Date: 12 Feb 2018

Bright Horizons’ Rushden support office raised a total of £1,735 for the Bright Horizons Foundation for Children as part of its annual fundraising campaign.

Fundraising initiatives at the office on Crown Court, included a gin and TV raffle, recycling drive and a bake-off.

In addition to fundraising, the team donated bags of Christmas gifts to 24 women and 20 children locally, all of whom are victims of domestic violence.

Emily Harris, the Foundation’s Development Manager says, “Just under £20,000 was raised across Bright Horizons nationally as part of the Foundation’s annual fundraising drive in 2017. The team in our Rushden office made a huge difference to this campaign, and to disadvantaged families in our community.  We thank all of the staff who played their part.”