Fleet Nursery Children Embrace Weather-themed Science Experiments

Fleet nursery children embrace weather-themed science experiments

Date: 08 Jan 2018

Children at Bright Horizons Fleet Day Nursery and Preschool in Hampshire have been looking at the variation in weather recently and subsequently combined that with the organisation’s Growing Scientists enhancement.

This involved rubbing a balloon on wool and watching as mock lightning was created with static electricity.

“We then used two water bottles and a vortex tube and watched as a tornado was created, we then put beads into the water and predicted what would happen to the beads as the tornado was created. We watched as the beads swirled round with the water,” said Deputy Nursery Manager Natalie Harvey. “The beads initially floated on top of the water, but after they were swirled round they sank to the bottom.”

Bright Horizons’ Growing Scientists enhancement aims to help children identify scientific activities that occur in their everyday lives.