Rosehill Children Use Cooking Activity To Improve Maths And Science Knowledge

Rosehill children use cooking activity to improve maths and science knowledge

Date: 04 Oct 2017

Children at Bright Horizons Rosehill Day Nursery and Preschool in Cheltenham used a cooking activity to improve their maths and science knowledge earlier this week.

A variety of ingredients were set out on a table for the children to mix together, in an activity part of the organisation’s Creative Cooks enhancement. The children discussed the amount of the ingredients that they mixed together and what happened as they did so. 

“The children used language such as ‘more and less’ as well as describing the texture and what happens when different liquids mix with others,” said Nursery Manager Mollie Edmunds. “At the end they also wanted to wash up the resources so all worked together to wash and dry the equipment.”

Bright Horizons’ Creative Cooks enhancement aims to encourage creativity in cooking.