New Bright Space Opens at Isleworth Crown Court

Date: 16 Oct 2017

The Bright Horizons Foundation for Children officially opened a new Bright Space at Isleworth Crown Court on September 19th.

The Bright Space is located within the family waiting room used by child witnesses prior to entering court, where they can also be interviewed or review their Achieving Best Evidence interviews. The renovation includes soft furnishings, baby changing facilities, and children’s toys, furniture and equipment, to provide a child-friendly and welcoming environment.

The Bright Space is the Foundation’s second in memory of Joan Elms, who worked as a Cook at Bright Horizons’ Acorns BP Nursery. Joan was often described as a mother figure, known for her baking and love of butterflies, which feature in the Bright Space. 

“The nursery and the children were Joan’s life and we wanted to extended that legacy,” said Amelia Harwood-Mckittrick, Quality Development Manager at Bright Horizons and a friend of Elms’. “She always wanted to make things better so this is our way of giving back and trying to do that. Joan’s theme was also nature so we’ve tried to replicate that with a butterfly theme.”

The Foundation and its volunteers have created a homely and welcoming environment which provides these vulnerable children with the opportunity to relax and play, to help them feel comfortable.