West Dulwich children make their own playdough

Date: 18 Sep 2017

Children at Bright Horizons West Dulwich Day Nursery and Preschool recently made their very own playdough from scratch.

The children made a hole in the middle of a mound of flour and then added oil and water, followed by powdered paint. They then spoke about the changes they observed, first noting the cause and effect of combining water and oil by commenting on the bubbles the oil made, then the change in texture as the flour, oil and water mixed together.

“The sensory experience came from using their hands to mix all the ingredients together and having fun trying to stop the oil and water from escaping,” said Nursery Manager Nazmin Uddin. “They gradually mixed, kneaded, flattened, rolled, poked and pulled at the dough until they were satisfied they had made a dough they could play with.