Tunbridge Wells Nursery Celebrates Roald Dahl Day

Tunbridge Wells nursery celebrates Roald Dahl Day

Date: 15 Sep 2017

Children and staff at Bright Horizons Tunbridge Wells Day Nursery and Preschool celebrated Roald Dahl Day by taking part in a number of themed activities.

Both the children and staff dressed up as their favourite Road Dahl characters and also visited a nearby library to collect a variety of Roald Dahl books. Back at the nursery, activities included the children making their own chocolate cakes and hunting for golden tickets.

“Anna our chef adapted the menu so it was a Roald Dahl menu,” said Nursery Manager Jo-Curtis Lawrence. “Children enjoyed things like Twits Wormy Spaghetti, Bruce Bogtrotter’s cake and Snozzcucumber sandwiches.”