Forget Your Dream Job: New Study Shows Dream Companies Hold The Key To Happiness At Work

Forget your Dream Job: New study shows Dream Companies hold the key to happiness at work

Date: 05 Sep 2017

Working adults in the UK too often spend their careers chasing the Dream Job. But a new study of over 300 working adults shows that Dream Jobs may not be all they are cracked up to be, and Dream Companies – organisations that care about employee wellbeing, provide opportunities to learn and grow, and promote work-life balance – are a better route to fulfilment and happiness at work.

The Business Benefits of Being a Dream Company report, published today by Bright Horizons, reveals that getting the best out of an employee isn’t always a matter of his or her specific job. Productivity, job satisfaction, lower stress levels and intent to stay with the organisation are more strongly associated with being at a Dream Company than being in a Dream Job.   Moreover, Dream Companies enjoy significantly better retention rates and higher productivity levels than their peers.  

James Tugendhat, Managing Director of Bright Horizons, a leading provider of high-quality childcare and early years’ education, said: “It’s clear that today’s workforce has a stronger-than-ever desire to be supported personally as well as professionally. Our research shows that Dream Companies are rebooting traditional working practices, offering employees a robust support network, and getting ahead of the curve in recruiting talented people. For the modern workforce, it is impossible to overstate the positive impact of an understanding and supportive employer.”

What is a Dream Company? According to the survey, Dream Companies have gone to great lengths to create positive cultures and offer definite benefits to support employees. Specifically, Dream Companies: 

  • Invest in career development: 70% of employees in Dream Companies agree that their organisation provides them with opportunities for learning and growth, versus 45% of those not in Dream Companies
  • Have supportive managers: More than 75% of Dream Company employees said their line managers make them feel comfortable bringing up family issues and truly care about the impact of work on their personal lives
  • Give employees meaningful control over work: 80% of employees at Dream Companies feel they have the ability to provide input into matters that affect their work and acknowledge that their organisation fosters an atmosphere of transparency and honest communication
  • Respect employees’ time: Employees at Dream Companies are 32% more likely to say meetings at their company are productive, and more than twice as likely to say communication among team members is effective
  • Offer more benefits: Dream Companies use supportive benefits to create conditions for success including childcare, eldercare, wellness programmes, 24-hour employee advice lines and gyms
  • Support life outside of work: Dream Companies have clearly communicated support - via policies, programmes, and culture - for managing personal responsibilities. As a result, their employees   have life satisfaction scores that are substantially higher than those not in Dream Companies
  • These Dream Companies also enjoy substantial payoffs, with 72% of employees reporting high levels of job satisfaction and 57% intent on staying with their organisation in the long-term, versus 30% of those not in Dream Companies. 39% of employees not working in Dream Companies said they had considered looking for a new job in the previous month, versus just 12% of those in Dream Companies. 


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