The Playhouse Children Learn More About Safety With Mascot Candy Floss

The Playhouse children learn more about safety with mascot Candy Floss

Date: 24 Jul 2017

Children at The Playhouse Day Nursery in Swindon have recently been learning more about safety, a key theme of the organisation, with help from health and safety mascot Candy Floss.

The children played hide-and-seek with Candy Floss and also used him as a model which they drew as part of the Growing Artists enhancement, which encourages creativity in art. Candy Floss has also accompanied the children during their daily play activities recently.

“Candy Floss helps our children to recognise and manage essential safety messages set out by the nursery team,” said Nursery Manager Claire Hatherall. “Our children were encouraged to recognise when they need to be safe in and around the nursery.