Candy Floss Takes On New Apprentice At Esher Nursery

Candy Floss takes on new apprentice at Esher nursery

Date: 16 Jun 2017

Health and safety mascot Candy Floss recently took on a new apprentice at Bright Horizons Horseshoe Day Nursery and Preschool in Esher, Surrey.

To further ensure the safety of the children at the nursery, Candy Floss recruited one of the children as his apprentice to go through a series of safety checks with everyone. The children performed garden safety checks and helped teach each other both how to wash hands and stay safe close to roads.

“The children have had a fabulous week with Candy Floss as part of National Health and Safety Week,” said Nursery Manager Keely Fletcher. “He really is the children’s superhero. Way to go Candy Floss and new apprentice.”