Aberdeen Nursery Children Enjoy Visit From Local Firefighters

Aberdeen nursery children enjoy visit from local firefighters

Date: 23 May 2017

Children at Bright Horizons Treehouse Early Care and Education Centre in Aberdeen were recently visited by a team of local firefighters, to help advanced their knowledge of fire safety in and around the nursery.

A fire engine arrived from the North Anderson Drive station along with the crew, as the children got to meet the firefighters and speak with them about the work they do in keeping everyone safe. The firefighters also introduced the children to their very own health and safety mascot, Blaze the Bear.

“They children all got the chance to sit in the fire engine and have a go of the fire hose,” said Nursery Manager Caroline Fenton. “Dennis the fireman used the hose to soak Blaze the Bear and all the children thought this was fun.”