Edinburgh Nursery Children Celebrate World Hand Hygiene Day

Edinburgh nursery children celebrate World Hand Hygiene Day

Date: 17 May 2017

Children at Bright Horizons Elsie Inglis Nursery and Preschool in Edinburgh recently celebrated World Hand Hygiene Day.  

The children took part in an interactive session led by a parent and her team of healthcare workers from a local hospital, which saw them discuss germs and how they can be prevented by washing your hands correctly. The children used special gels and light-up boxes to look at germs more closely, using magnifying glasses to check for them on their hands and paper.   

“The children were able to practice washing their hands and explain the process we will follow at the nursery for doing so,” said Deputy Nursery Manager Kate Hubbert. “They enjoyed a story about germs as well, where they were able to use germ puppets to follow along.”