Dolphin Kingston Children Re-enact The Gruffalo Story

Dolphin Kingston children re-enact The Gruffalo story

Date: 07 Feb 2017

Children at Bright Horizons Dolphin Kingston Nursery and Preschool in Kingston upon Thames have taken part in a role play to re-enact one of their favourite stories.

The children created their own pictures of The Gruffalo and have also been engaging in the story as part of Bright Horizons’ Growing Readers enhancement. Upon completion, each child then chose a character to take part in the role play.

“This was a fun exercise for the children to do and let’s new parents understand the kind of activities we do,” said Nursery Manager Jasmina Haigh. “A wonderful time was had by all.”

The Growing Readers enhancement aims to emphasise the importance of reading and cultivate a love of books.