North Cheam Children Produce Candy Floss Drawings

North Cheam children produce Candy Floss drawings

Date: 27 Jan 2017

Preschool children at Bright Horizons North Cheam Day Nursery and Preschool in Sutton have created their own drawings of Candy Floss, the organisation’s health and safety mascot, as part of the Growing Artists enhancement.                                                               

The children were each given an image of Candy Floss which they then had to draw for themselves on an adjacent blank piece of paper, using a variety of artistic resources.   

“We were delighted with the children’s attention to detail during the activity,” said Burge. “They enjoy taking part in drawing activities, none more so than when Candy Floss is involved whom they are always excited to see.”

Bright Horizons Growing Artists enhancement encourages children to be creative in art.