Research Concludes Children Are Better Off In Nursery Than Staying At Home

Research concludes children are better off in nursery than staying at home

Date: 06 Dec 2016

A new report, based on answers from the German Socio-Economic Panel, has concluded that children are better off attending a nursery rather than staying at home with their mother.

The research involved a survey of more than 800 mothers, who were quizzed about details such as their financial status and child’s progression, as stated in a Daily Telegraph article published on November 16th.

“Bright Horizons welcomes this research that confirms the all-round positive impact that attending a high quality nursery has on a child’s overall development,” said Nicola Amies, Director of Early years at Bright Horizons Family Solutions. “At Bright Horizons, our mission is to provide exceptional care and education to enable every child to flourish so that they leave us happy and confident with a love of learning.”

Furthermore, a parent of a recent Bright Horizons nursery graduate said in an organisation survey that, “My daughter has developed not only key skills in writing and counting through the Growing Education Enhancements but also valuable soft skills, such as learning to work with others and team building. She also has developed a keen interest in extra-curricular activities, such as cooking and science, and gained the confidence to try new activities, which has ensured she is resilient and mentally ready to take on challenges.”

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