Rugby Children Take Part In Poppy-themed Activities For Remembrance Day

Rugby children take part in poppy-themed activities for Remembrance Day

Date: 17 Nov 2016

Children at Bright Horizons Rugby Beehive Nursery took part in a variety of poppy-themed activities last Friday to celebrate Remembrance Day.

The children designed their own poppies with paper and pens that was then followed by them baking their own poppy styled biscuits. There was also a discussion around the meaning of Remembrance Day and why it is celebrated.

“The children had a great day celebrating Remembrance Day and we were delighted with their art skills when making their own poppies,” said Nichola Patel, nursery manager. “It is an occasion close to our hearts and staff were keen to emphasise the importance of Remembrance Day and why we remember those who served in the war.”