Tunbridge Wells Nursery Encourages Healthy Eating

Tunbridge Wells Nursery encourages healthy eating

Date: 03 Oct 2016

Children and staff at Bright Horizons Teddies Tunbridge Wells Day Nursery and Preschool have been emphasising the importance of healthy eating, after taking part in a variety of activities to ensure they do so.

The children took part in a restaurant role play which saw them create their own menus and make their dinner plates. The latter involved drawing their own food onto the plates.

Subsequently, as part of the Creative Cooks programme, the children made their own vegetable pizza with help from the staff which they then ate for tea. Each child got to choose the specific vegetables they wanted on their pizza by tasting them first.

There was also a food puzzle followed by a discussion on what healthy foods the children would like to put into their meals at home moving forward.

“The children were intrigued to learn more about the benefits of eating healthily and were excited to taste the different foods,” said Nursery Manager Jo-Curtis Lawrence. “They particularly enjoyed creating and then eating their own pizza.”