Teddies Esher Children Embrace Growing Up Healthy Week

Teddies Esher children embrace Growing Up Healthy Week

Date: 06 Oct 2016

Babies at Bright Horizons Teddies Esher Day Nursery and Preschool in Surrey have been embracing Growing Up Healthy Week by making a variety of healthy foods.

The children came together to make their own vegetarian pizza, after having a discussion on what vegetables would taste best. Each child took a turn to make the dough for the base and then toppings were placed on top. The pizza was then placed in the oven and cooked, before the children took their pizzas home for dinner.

The children also cut up some fruit into pieces to make smoothies. Healthy and safety mascot Candy Floss was present to ensure the children remained safe while using the knives.

“Everyone has thoroughly enjoyed Growing Up Healthy Week and promoting healthy eating to the children,” said Nursery Manager Ashlea Sexton. “They enjoyed the independence in making their own food.”