Teddies Crawley hosts harvest festival

Date: 04 Oct 2016

Bright Horizons Teddies Crawley Nursery and Preschool has hosted a harvest stay and play session to celebrate Harvest Festival.

The babies at the nursery enjoyed playing with their toy animals in straw and painting with vegetables. Preschool children were involved in a discussion around the meaning of the harvest and why it takes place.

The children also helped to prepared onion, carrot and coriander in order to make the soup for tea, while Bright Horizons health and safety mascot Candy Floss was present to ensure the children remained safe while using knives. They used the remaining vegetables to create different images in a mark making exercise.

“Everyone had lots of fun celebrating harvest festival and we were delighted so many parents were able to attend,” said Nursery Manager Sarah Green. “Donations were taken, which were all taken to the local food bank Crawley Open House.”