Aberdeen Nursery To Hold Character Fundraiser For Foundation

Aberdeen nursery to hold character fundraiser for foundation

Date: 19 Oct 2016

Bright Horizons at 44 St Swithin Nursery in Aberdeen has organised a fundraiser for the organisation’s foundation, the Bright Horizons Foundation for Children.

The fundraiser, which is ongoing for the rest of the month, has a box located at the front entrance of the nursery, where parents and children are being encouraged to enter the names of their favourite characters.

Each staff member will then pick out a name of a character at random and dress up as the character to climb Bennachie on Sunday November 6th.

“The staff are intrigued to see what characters come out of the hat and the children are excited to see them all dress up,” said Nursery Manager Vicky Bowman. “We are delighted we can play our small part in helping the foundation which is so close to our hearts.”

Set up in 2005, the Bright Horizons Foundation for Children’s sole purpose is to help children and families in crisis.  They achieve this by working with local community groups, shelters and with Bright Horizons clients to create Bright Spaces®, which are indoor and outdoor play spaces located in homeless shelters, domestic violence refuges and refugee centres.

The spaces are created in order to provide children and families in need with a special place to play, have fun and most of all feel safe.