Triangle children make full use of mud kitchen

Date: 09 Sep 2016

Children at Bright Horizons Triangle Day Nursery and Preschool in Oxford have been exploring various sized bowls and spoons in their mud kitchen this week.

The children made mock pies and yogurts by placing the mud inside the various bowls during the activity. They also transported water from different sized pots and pans which were used to carry the water initially.

“The children have thoroughly enjoyed working in the mud kitchen,” said Liz Clements, nursery manager. “This activity provides a fantastic opportunity for the children to develop their problem solving skills as they transfer water and also inspires their creativity and imagination.”

Mud kitchens provide many benefits for young children including through personal and social development as a result of giggling after the mud moves. They can also improve communication and language as the children use words to play in and describe the mud. A mud kitchen can also aid physical development, as the children use their hands to make marks in the mud.