Guildford children and staff welcome new pet

Date: 06 Sep 2016

Children and staff at Bright Horizons Guildford Day Nursery and Preschool have welcomed a new member to their nursery family — Raffles the rabbit.

Since his arrival, the children have been helping to feed Raffles with dandelions from the nursery garden. They have also been watching Raffles hop, skip and jump as he enjoys his daily run around the garden and through construction tubes.

Nursery Manager Laura Woods said the children have been excited to welcome Raffles to the nursery.

“The children have been learning to use a gentle hand when stroking Raffles and quiet voices so he isn’t scared,” said Woods. “He is now part of the team and everyone loves him. The vet told us Raffles is a healthy, happy bunny and we should keep looking after him just so.”