Children get artsy at Crewe nursery

Date: 08 Sep 2016

Children of all ages at Bright Horizons Crewe Day Nursery and Preschool have been getting artsy in different ways, as part of the organisation’s Growing Artists programme.

The preschool children explored paint through a cling film layer, by mixing the colours underneath, with some noticing that no paint came through onto their hands. Once the mixing was complete, the children then began printing the colours that had been made.

In the baby room, the children used toy cars and other transport items to make marks in the paint, in turn developing their knowledge of pattern and shape.

“The children thoroughly enjoyed the different ways of painting and were intrigued to learn the different shapes and colours that could be made,” said Nursery Manager Claire Chadwick. “They showed great variety and creativity in all of the activities.”

Bright Horizons’ Growing Artists programme aims to encourage children to be creative in art.