Church Crookham Children Celebrate People Who Help Us

Church Crookham children celebrate people who help us

Date: 16 Sep 2016

Children at Bright Horizons Church Crookham Day Nursery and Preschool in Fleet, Hampshire have received a number of visits from members of the local community, as part of ‘People Who Help Us Week’ at the nursery.

The children were visited by a variety of people including a vet, police officer, fireman, librarian and postman. Each person spoke of the service they provide to the community and how they help people on a daily basis.

The children were able to take part in a number of activities throughout the week including squirting water from a hose, listening to the heartbeat of certain animals and having their finger prints taken.

“It was a really successful week and we all had a great time,” said Nursery Manager Gemma Lacy. “We are delighted so many of our helpers in the community were able to attend and the children were intrigued to learn about the value of what each of them does.”