Waterside children embrace gardening activity

Date: 04 Aug 2016

Children at Bright Horizons Waterside Day Nursery and Preschool have been continuing their growing tradition, as part of the organisation’s Green Gardeners programme.

The children watered the plants in the nursery garden and picked out vegetables they had been growing, in order for the chef to prepare the daily meal. The vegetables included runner beans, peas and carrots, as well as tomatoes.  

“The children have been watering the plants and picking out vegetables in the garden on a daily basis and have shown enthusiasm to grow their own natural food,” said Nursery Manager Anna Donegan. “We were delighted to see the children learn more about the planting process as part of our Green Gardeners programme.”

Bright Horizons’ Green Gardeners programme aims to encourage the children’s interest in the natural world around them.

The food served is also part of a new set of healthy menus, provided by Bright Horizons and endorsed by Children’s Food Trust. The menus included a broad range of starchy food, fruit, vegetables, dairy and protein.