Shortlands children explore mud kitchen

Date: 30 Aug 2016

Children at Bright Horizons Shortlands Day Nursery and Preschool in Bromley have been perfecting their culinary skills outside in their very own mud kitchen. 

Through mixing, pouring, scooping and transferring items in the kitchen, the children developed their gross motor skills and had lots of fun experimenting with natural items. 

“The children thoroughly enjoyed the mud kitchen and learned the importance of a team environment and socialising with each other as they prepare their creations,” said Nursery Manager Jo Sadler-Patel. “There are so many opportunities for them to pretend play when exploring the mud kitchen!”

Mud kitchens provide many benefits for young children including personal and social development as a result of giggling after the mud moves. They can also improve communication and language as the children use words to play in and describe the mud. A mud kitchen can also aid physical development, as the children use their hands to make marks in the mud.