Finchley Art Exhibition Raises Money For Foundation

Finchley art exhibition raises money for Foundation

Date: 15 Aug 2016

Children at Bright Horizons Active Learning Finchley Nursery have put their art skills to a good cause after an exhibition raised money for the organisation’s foundation.

The nursery set up the exhibition onsite to showcase the children’s artwork and a subsequent silent auction raised £700 for the Bright Horizons Foundation for Children. Parents and visitors were also treated to cheese and wine, with the money going towards a Bright Space based in Brazil.

“The Foundation is extremely close to our hearts so we are delighted to raise the money which will be put towards another Bright Space,” said Poppy Hinton, nursery principal. “We were delighted with the artwork the children produced and all of the auction attendees were really impressed.”

Set up in 2005, the Bright Horizons Foundation for Children’s sole purpose is to help children and families in crisis.  They achieve this by working with local community groups, shelters and with Bright Horizons clients to create Bright Spaces®, which are indoor and outdoor play spaces located in homeless shelters, domestic violence refuges and refugee centres.

The spaces are created in order to provide children and families in need with a special place to play, have fun and most of all feel safe.