Children At The Playhouse Visited By Assistance Dog

Children at the Playhouse visited by assistance dog

Date: 21 Jul 2016

Children at The Playhouse Day Nursery in Swindon have been participating in a ‘people who help us theme’ which was present after a visit recently.

The children were visited by a lady who is profoundly deaf and who was accompanied by her assistance dog, Monty.

It was explained that Monty helps the lady throughout the course of the day, for example when her alarm goes off in the morning and when the cooker timer is finished.

Monty also has a coat which, when he wears it, shows him it’s time to work. He is now 8 years old and has been with the lady since 15 months.

“The children were inspired by the visit and learned about the vital role Monty plays in helping the lady,” said Claire Hatherall, nursery manager. “It was a timely visit with us keeping up our theme of helping each other.”